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Are Mood Swings Cool?

#Moody, #foodie, #cool is one of the famous words which are used by the most no. Of people as their Instagram, Facebook, and other social sites bio. I have noticed that the upcoming generations are not able to differentiate between mood swings and moody things. But I want to make it clear that there is a huge difference between moody and mood swings just like water and oil they look the same in appearance i.e. Liquid but their properties differ a lot. In the same way word “moody” and “mood swings” differs from each other.


Suppose you are hungry and made Maggi by yourself, clicked a picture of it and put it as a story by writing #moody or if you played any particular type of song after many days, taken a screenshot of it and put it as a story by writing #moody or if you want to go somewhere so you go out and take a ride made a video of it and put it as a story by writing #moody. We can address them as moody things but can’t as mood swings things.


Nowadays people are finding it cool and trendy to say I used to have very dangerous and different mood swings. No one can handle my mood swings and I m very moody person and blah blah blah. But do you really know how bad that mood swings are, how weird, how irritating, how intolerant they are, how much you feel lonely, how broken you are, how much shit you say about yourself? Wait a minute! If you don’t feel anything like this then I don’t know about rest but that can’t be mood swings.

So firstly I want to describe the word about which we are talking. “Mood Swing” as we can see there are two words first ‘mood’, we all know the meaning of this word, it is used to describe a state of mind or feeling at a particular time. And the second word ‘swing’ means to move and here we can say ‘change’. So overall these two words together mean ‘change of mood’ at a particular time.

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As we know every coin has two faces in the same there are always two different ways of describing things. So here we can describe this with two perspectives. The first is scientific and the second one is physiological. Why it happens, how it feels, in what ways it can affect us, how to control it. I m going to answer these questions now.

If I talk in a scientific way so this mood swings mean frequent changes in the mood of a person. Let’s just take a name for convenience, Tanya. So she was happy just two minutes ago but now she is sad, she is crying, feeling angry and frustrated, lost in something. How did it happen? According to science, it happens due to an imbalance of brain chemicals or hormones related to mood regulation.

And if I talk in a physicological way mostly it happens due to anxiety and overthinking. Nowadays people overthink everything, about the future, past. And due to that feeling of fear and overthinking this happens. They may seem happy now but mood swings can trigger just in 5 minutes. They get sad, angry, emotional, lonely, etc. And these feelings feel worst. We can not predict any particular type of behavior in it. Maybe a person starts crying or maybe they will be shouting at the very next moment. Maybe they feel that they are very strong but in just 2 minutes they can feel lonely and depressed.

The emotional distress can be change into a major mood swing very frequently. I really wanna say that don’t take this as a small problem or don’t think that it just happens not a big deal blah blah. Maybe now it is a big issue but it can convert into that. Mood swings can change into a major mental health problem. You can call it (mood swings) the very first step of getting into depression. It is major then we must see a doctor before the condition gets more serious.

mood swings

One thing that this doesn’t sound cool that you get mood swings. Try to happy. Be with your closed ones, your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, lovers, anybody with whom you feel relax and happy. Try meditation that will keep negative thoughts away. Don’t take the stress and especially don’t overthink. It’s life and things are gonna in the same way they have to your overthinking, stress or anxiety can’t change them.

Happy mood happy you. Meditation once in a day keeps the stress away. Why choose shit when you have the option of something lit.

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  1. Ipsita avinandita

    Thats so true!psychology says the same although it is atemporary change but it is predominantly important to consider it as a prime focus.

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