Pankaj Giri

Behind Story: The Fragile Thread Of Hope

You must have seen behind the scene of videos, films, short films, etc, just the same way there is a lot of story behind every book, which we don’t actually know. But trust me guys it is so interesting to know what was there which made the book so beautiful. Recently I had a chat with Pankaj Giri sir, who had written The Fragile Thread Of Hope. And I wanted to share everything about how he actually wrote this book.

behind the scene

I have asked so many questions from Pankaj Sir but firstly when we take an Interview with a person we always ask about that person right? So when I asked him to tell me something about himself, he said that He is a simple man who lives in Gangtok, Sikkim. He is currently working in the government sector in Sikkim. He loves listening to music, watching cricket, and movies. and also loves singing. then he added he is a person who Learned from experiences and the constructive criticism that he got for his first book, he knows criticisms are areas of improvement and one should work on them, and he knows how to overcome deficiencies. Giri is a big fan of AB DE Villiers. and his favorite book is “A Daughter’s courage”

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Earlier he was a software engineer in Bangalore, but in 2013 Pankaj lost his father and came back to his town Gangtok. By losing his father he lost himself, and he was not able to go back to Bangalore, so he decided to stay in Gangtok with his mother. Back then he faced a lot of issues like he was not able to focus on his new job and he was always thinking about his father.

mother and son

A mother is the only woman in this world, who always shows the right track. The above line is because it is fact and the same Pankaj’s mother showed him the right track, his mother saw him sad and broken so she knew that Pankaj is a very good writer and he loves to write stories from his school days, and that is why she asked him to write stories so that he gets to engage in writing stories and forget to remember his father. I guess that time was the toughest time for him because losing his father in the early stages of life is very heartbreaking. I can not imagine my world without my parents.

pankaj Giri

Well after that he tried writing stories and came to write a book with a co-author, but it terribly failed. Then Pankaj realized that his writing needs to be polished, he has to do more hard work. After lots of hard work focus and determination, Pankaj came up with another book. He tried to get it published, so he asked so many publishers to get it done, but he terribly failed. He was sad and depressed, but then he decided to go on the way of self-publication.

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It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart … then the whole universe will work towards getting you that. We all have dreams, some are small, and some are the bigger ones, but not everybody tries to get them. It requires willpower, patience, hard work, and support too. He wanted to publish his book so he decided to get it on Kindle first and guess what when he was going through all procedures he came to know that there is a competition called “Amazon Pen to Publish” so he decided to take part in it also.

hard work

Hard work is the most important key to success. Pankaj wrote that book so beautifully that everybody loved it and that made him a finalist in this competition. And luckily he won the competition. He was so happy, after winning the competition he got the tag of a winner so he thought let’s try resubmitting his book to the publisher and this time publisher could not refuse. The publisher read his book and decided to get it print. But before that, his book got more polished with a new book cover, which made it more beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you like the story behind The fragile Thread Of Hope.