Talking With Ex After One Year

Talking With Ex is a Hindi audio story starring Juhi Tripathi and Himanchal Gupta. Listen to a story of a 2 separated people who still Love each other, but never say it in real. 

Funn With Ravi

All above videos are originally made by Ravi Jain and Himanchal Gupta. We tried our best to make you laugh. Also give us motivation by hitting like, commenting and sharing it with others….

Chalo Kahani Dohra Lete Hai🇮🇳

All the informations are in above video is written and collected by Aman Rastogi and edited by Himanchal Gupta. 

Video Editing- Himanchal Gupta.

Featuring Shikha Rao, Juhi Tripathi, Aman Rastogi and Himanchal Gupta