Deep Water class 12

Deep Water Of Class 12 Saved My Life

Deep Water Saved My Life

Stories are everywhere, from our birth to death we listen to different stories of different people and also by different people. But do You know that these stories help us in our day to day life? Today I am gonna tell you my story of how my literature chapter which I studied in class-12th helped me to save my life.

Do You Love Water?

Small Water Fall

Have you ever planned to go somewhere near water like a river or some waterfall with your friends? Well, I know most of you have planned it and unlike the Goa trip, you must have executed it as well. My hometown is not so big its a small place in Madhya Pradesh border called Kotma. There is nothing special here, but nature has gifted us with a beautiful river known as Kewai.

In the summertime we all friends met in the evening and decided that we should go to the waterfall area of the river which was approximately 20km from our home. We never wake-up early in the morning but we decided to go at 5 in the morning. It was impossible but still, we reached there as soon as possible. on the way, we were discussing that we will enjoy ourselves a lot, but when we reached there the view was not that good, the river was almost dry water was coming very less from the mountain. Everybody was sad.

Everything Happens Because Of Some Reason

Bike ride with friends

We thought our plan is a flop, but some of my friends said let’s go to another area, we’ve gone there and that part is filled with water. Everybody thought a little and then we all started glowing. and started our bike as soon as possible. We had so much fun while going there. Then my bike got punctured, maybe that was a sign, God wanted to stop me. But I was so damn excited so somehow we managed and reached there.

Sunrise Is Better Then Sunset?


Well people say, sunset is very beautiful and there is a quote which says that “when the sun is set, then no candle can replace it” but according to me sunrise is more beautiful than a sunset, not just because it looks beautiful but also there is a deep message hidden behind it. The message says that No matter how dark the night is, it will disappear in the after dawn. So when we reached there we saw a beautiful sun coming out from behind the small mountain. That was really magical, nature is the best gift God has given to us.

Water Is Not Deep

water is not deep

We saw, we captured and we wanted to take back that sunrise with us but that’s sort of impossible. so then we parked our bikes and headed towards the river. Everybody removed their clothes and jumped into the river except me and my friend Himanshu. Okay so I don’t know how to swim I told this to my friends. Himanshu said the same. And everybody said that it’s not that deep just come inside the water but don’t go far stay near to side.

I was Inside The Deep Water

drowning inside deep water

I thought a little and then decided okay let’s go everybody is here they will protect me. and I came inside the water. The water felt good and I asked my friend Himanshu to come Inside, the water is so good. He said Okay I am coming. Then I thought I should go a little down I moved one step ahead and I tried to keep my leg on the surface but there was nothing I went down. the water level was around 6 feet, which is more than my height. I tried to swim but unfortunately, I couldn’t come up. I shouted help me. Everybody tried to help me but no one was able to save me.

My Friend Made Me Angry

I was trying to move towards the land, but that attempt was useless. Nobody was able to save me. everyone panicked but the saddest part was that my friend Himanshu, he was laughing outside thinking that we all are pranking him. And that made me angry I thought that if I somehow come out alive of this deep water, I will kill him.

I Almost Lost The Battle

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deep water

There is a saying that a “drowning man surely tries to swim” so I tried every possible thing but I terribly failed, I was thinking that why my friends are not able to save me. That thought made me depress. And I lost hope, I decided to quit. I was tired I stopped everything for a few seconds, then I thought about my family I created a picture of my father, mother, grandmother, and of everyone crying for me. That energized me and I decided to try again.

The Story Of Deep Water Class- 12

deep water class 12

Inside the water, I remember the story which I had studied in my class 12th English literature called Deep Water. Deep Water is an autobiography of a writer William Douglas. In this piece, he tells about his fear of water and how he conquered it by determination and will power.

As a child, when he was 3 or 4 years old, he went to the beach in California with his father. He got scared by the might of the huge waves which swept over him and it instilled fear in his subconscious mind.

A few years later, in his eagerness to learn swimming, he joined a swimming pool where an incident further increased his terror. Another boy pushed him into the pool and he experienced death closely.

Books related To Fear

At that time he tries to jump high so that he can come out of it. And maybe someone will see him and could help him too. So I thought let’s try and jump high I went down and pushed myself with full strength. I came up took a breath for a few seconds and then went down. Did the same again and again. Maybe I should have jumped 7-8 times and one of my friend whose name was also Himanshu saved me.

I Got A New Life

never lose hope

It was nearly impossible for me to come out of that deep water. I still can not forget that day, but I am not afraid of the water now. And see one Himanshu was laughing outside the water and another Himanshu was trying his best to save me. But in reality that literature chapter saved me otherwise I could have died that day.

In the end, I want to say that never be afraid of any situation just try and try more.

By The Way What’s Your Story Of Fear And Death? Tell Me In The Comment Down below. I am Eagerly Waiting For Your Story To Read.

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