Do you have your happy places?

Greetings of the day, I wrote an article about HAPPINESS a few days ago, and from that, I got the idea that I should write about my happiness, what are my happy places. We all want to be happy, a reason to smile. There are some common places of happiness we all share though there may be some differences for some reasons. So yes, I am sharing my happy places, what are some of your happy places?
let’s start without any ado.

home sweet home

No doubt I will start with a home only, I guess home is a place rather I must say home is a feeling which must be everyone’s happy place.

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back”

I had heard it somewhere and it’s true. When I was in 5th grade I decided to leave home for boarding school and yes, I was very happy about leaving home, at first I enjoyed life at the hostel but after few days I started missing the smell of my home, being comfortable like anything. And that was the day I realized nothing is better than the Own home…and finally, the days came…summer vacations…I was so so happy to be back at home.

personal diary

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us”

I don’t know from where to start… just pages full of my feelings like when I wanted clouds to go away and things what I have done and what I want to do, list of movies/dramas, list of books to read, travel goals and other things like planning surprises, wishes and many more…every single page is really very close to my heart. It is fun writing things on my diary it helps reveal myself slowly and turning its page gives me nostalgia and it rolls me direct to that happy time and it feels like seeing myself into a mirror, like a piece of me.


“She is bougainvillea, lush, wild.
so full of colors, unassuming, and rarely appreciated. ”
                                                     ~warm, witty, wise

Bougainville is love, and please do not ask me why I love them.. I just do.. I don’t know why.. there are always some things we feel connected without any specific reason .. just like that, I feel connected with this gorgeous paper flower. its beauty is too much in it’s full bloom..woaahh..!! if you are connected with me in Insta you can see, my love towards Bougainvillea, I have 50% pictures with Bougainville only(it gives beautiful background to your picture ), One can always find me hopping around Bougainville. It feels like a tiny world in itself.

room with friends

“There are empty rooms, and then there are rooms that feel crowded, corner to corner, with absence”
~Trenton Lee Stewert

One of my most favorite places..I love being here, I have spent a lot of crazy time here, Still remember the first day (3 years ago) when I went to this 2BHK room in Bhopal with one of my not so close friends but somehow this place is very close to my heart, but a truckload of happy time to remember ..I have spent every weekend here only. We used to wait for Saturday so that I can run to Bhopal., It’s like My other home. I miss late-night gossips, playing cards or carom, cooking food, fighting, crying, dancing, and partying without any fear. There was not a single day when I was not happy. Goosebumps now, remembering this.


“Writing and cafes are strongly linked in my brain”
~J K Rowling

Is it weird saying a cafe a happy place?? I don’t know but I have spent some very beautiful moments in chai sutta bar. while it is not that, this is my favorite café or we(my mains) plan to meet here but still I don’t know how and why and it’s strange whenever I remember something that made me happy or where I was happy (Absolutely Unplanned Plan)…I remember this cafe only. So it has to be on my list of happy places. TBH, every outlet is really amazing, the music, the menu (Corn mayo sandwich is something you must try), the ambiance, and the crowd everything is just right…!!

music playlist

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. ”

No matter how helpless or shattered I feel but the moment I listen to my playlist…I feel happy and loved. Every sorrow just vanishes away… You never know how magical a song can be… There are times when words hit you hard than anything..!! when I was alone my music playlist was there with me when I was sad my music playlist there with me when nobody listened I listen to music, and this is the only place who hasn’t deceived me yet.., and I know it never will…


“I thought I could just apologize tomorrow.
But that tomorrow…never came”
~jintan yadomi

I am an anime lover, that’s why I have lots of all-time favorite anime’s but as my blog is about happy places and not the favorite places….So will add “Anohana: The flower we saw that day” in the list of my happy places. I still can’t stop watching this after ages. This series is so pure, full of love and cuteness of Menma.. painful and uplifting at the same time and the good thing is, it has only 11 episodes of 20 minutes…so it’s easy to binge-watch anytime..!! If you like watching animes than include this gem on your next watch list (I guarantee you are going to love it)

cozy blanket

“You became my security blanket until I lost you and learned not to need you.”
~Lidia Longorio (Hey, humanity )

I am still struggling to get out of this cute blanket. The safest place ever…all the troubles of worlds on one side and my cozy blanket one side..!! I have a tip. Grab a blanket (softer and cuter is better), wrap yourself up in this, and make it home..!! When things are not so great then nothing is better than staying indoors and curling up in a cozy blanket. If I’m at home then I make sure to do my major work inside my “we bare bears” print blanket only.

sunset and pizza

“just programmed my Alexa to order a pizza if I shout incoherently for more than 10 seconds ”
~Conan O’Brien

Tell me some coolest combos…Pizza and the sunset….isn’t it the coolest combo ever??…it is.. I know (haha). Cheesy fluffy crispy pizza under the marvelous sky, when the sun gives farewell to the world…anhhaaa..!! ( 2 mint’s pause for my dramatic expression). That moment is a happy moment and that place is happy to place. I wonder how beautiful it is to see the sky changing it color color..with fresh breeze and a slice of my cheese pizza (don’t crave I’m not going to share it with anyone)..!!
wanna know my sunrise story??

So these were my happy places..!! what about you? what are your happy places, let me know in the comment section.