Do you listen music all day long?

Do You Listen to Music All Day Long?

Aren’t we are incomplete? Incomplete without emotion, incomplete without feelings, incomplete without a soul, incomplete without music!! Yes, we are. What makes us complete? Music makes us complete.

day with music

Isn’t it weird that you started a day without music or ended up a day without listening to music. I think that’s the weirdest thing. It’s beat on which we shake our legs. It’s lyrics that express our feelings. It is another medium of communication. Communication of emotions and feelings others than words. It is that much effective that one can know your mood just after listening to that one song which you are playing on repeat. You don’t need to ask or say a single word, that one song can describe your whole mood.

introvert with music

The mood of love, hate, anger, jealousy, peace, passion, depression, energy, failure, dreams, loneliness, happiness, and many more. And of course, if you are an introvert then you can’t have an amazing company other than music. Music can fill life in lifeless things. You can never be alone when you have a collection of your favorite songs. Even listening to a soft melody makes us happier. And this is scientifically proved. If we listen to happy, passionate, and energetic music then we will be automatically changing into a happy soul.

music is the best companion

The first song you listen before starting your day can decide your mood for the whole day. Music keeps us motivated. Every one of us have dreams everyone had planned something for the future and for achieving that goal we need to be strong and motivated all the time. And that is only possible when we listen to such types of music because it’s not possible to have someone who can motivate us every time.

benefits of music

The benefits of music are neverending, Like if you are in stress, pressure, or depression listening to music can make you feel better, relax, and happy. As we know that 60% of health diseases become more dangerous due to stress. It was noticed that a person who was totally stressed out with the things due to which his immune system was not working properly. So he started listening to music and playing musical instruments and because of that, his immune system recovered very fast.

music gives you energy

Music is just not toned with rhymed lyrics, it can save you life, it can keep you alive with full energy and happiness. Also, you can get a peaceful and better sleep by listening to a soft song. Play some relaxing and soft music and sleep. You will get better sleep and better sleep means a healthy mood, healthy body and a healthy and happy soul. Also, it is observed that softening the lighting and music while people ate led them to consume fewer calories and enjoy their meals more. If you are looking for ways to curb your appetite then, you should try this once.

listen music while driving

I also heard that people say no to music while driving. But this is not true at all. If you are frustrated with traffic, tired due to long driving, feeling angry or feeling sleepy then you must listen to lite energetic music so that you can drive and reach safely to your destination. It also helps while studying. We generally get bored or start feeling sleepy after 1 hour of continuous studies. But if we listen music while studying then it will keep us awake and energetic for much more time so that we can study more. Also listening to it helps in enhancing the power of capturing knowledge and make us remember things for much longer time.

music makes you intellegent

Music also increases verbal intelligence. By listening to it (it’s rhyme, pitch, lyrics) one can make verbal intelligence better by understanding the real meaning of the lyrics, and verbal intelligence is proven effective in every field of life. One of the most important features of the music is that it will never let you be alone.

old woman listening music

As we know that as we grow older we have so much responsibility. Responsibility of making our future bright then we get married we have a family and it’s a responsibility too. While doing these things we are not able to give much attention to our old parents and grandparents and due to that they start feeling lonely and ignored. But this music can heel their pain too. It can keep them happy. It is another name of happiness. It is needed at every stage of life. It keeps you and your soul alive. It lets you enjoy every moment of your life.