Enchantment- A Teen Love Story


I never thought I would fall in love with her, but love is unpredictable. I am Rehaan, a small-town boy, and this is my love story, Okay, enough of this talking, let’s go 7 years back and forward this story.

I was 13 when I realized that I am in love, wow. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But I know that was love, At that time I just wanted to be with her and nothing else. But by the time I realized it, it was too late.

I had a joint family with a business, but my father wanted to do a job and guess what he got the job in a big MNC. No, it was not good news for me at that time. Because of this, my dad and my mom had to shift to another city. Leaving a place where I had been living since birth was very painful, and I had to leave her too. Ohhh so you want to know her?


Her name was Vidhi, full of cuteness, was always smiling, and had a small mole on her left cheek, which serves to protect her from evil eyes. So before leaving, I wanted to confess to her, that I like her. In the evening we all friends used to play so I decided to confess everything in the evening. I pluck a flower, and it was not rose.

Actually it was sunflower because she loves sunflower more than roses. Then I decided that we will play hide and seek so that I can get some privacy with her. Time was moving very slowly. I was looking at the clock every while. Finally, we gathered in the evening, I said let’s play hide and seek, but everybody was not agreeing.

I emotionally blackmailed them that I’m going from here please play hide and seek, they agreed we all did rock, paper, scissor to decide who will be the seeker I was praying inside, please God don’t make me the seeker otherwise I won’t get time with her, and I lost it.


God was in the mood to play with me, I lost rock, paper, scissor and I became the first seeker. Still, I calmed myself and I closed my eyes and started counting. Then I started searching for everyone, it took me 20-25 minutes to find everyone and now I thought

I would get a chance to talk to her, so I told her to hide with me, she said okay and then we hide inside an empty water tank and we talked a little, then I said that I am going far away from this place, are you gonna miss me? Of course, I’ll miss you she replied. She asked me the same, and I took out that sunflower from my jacket, it was a little broken. I said sorry, I tried to hide it from others and so it is broken now.

She put his finger on my mouth and took that flower from me and said, Rehaan, thank you so much, it really means a lot to me. After listening to this, I kissed her finger. She looked into my eyes and I held her hand, and then she said that someone is coming, we sat quietly but the seeker found us.


The seeker was a close friend of mine so I asked him to give us some time. He agreed, and he began searching for others. Now I held her hands and we looked into each other’s eyes, I kissed her on the cheek, I panicked and she laughed seeing me. It was a magical moment for me.

Then my friend called me because my parents were searching for me. I said let’s go and I went in a hurry without saying goodbye to her. The whole night I was thinking about her. I was happy as well as sad because I was not able to confess my feelings. In the morning I decided to write a letter,

I had just written I love you, folded it and I gave it to her, and I said that I am leaving. And Vidhi gave me a drawing, in which I was standing near a house with her. what would happen? I was worried throughout the journey. How will she answer? And how will we communicate? There were a lot of questions on my mind but there was no way to find the answers.


I was unaware of what will happen next, but that drawing always reminded me of her. Now after reaching and settling in the new city, there was one thing on my mind, that I have to go back as soon as possible so that I can meet her. Months passed, Diwali arrived, and the opportunity to visit my hometown also.

I was very happy, as soon as I reached my house, I went to her house but she was not there, she was in school, so I waited for her to come, she came and I shouted her name. I went to her house and finally, the day came to ask her about that letter. My heartbeat was moving very fast.

I don’t know how but she thought I’m a little nervous, she calms me down, she said sit here and gave me a glass of water to drink.


In the end, I got to hear what I wanted for the last 1 year. It felt like firecrackers were bursting inside my heart. The next day we celebrated Diwali. I was very happy. my smile was with me all the time. Everyone was surprised to see me happy. The first love is magic. I stayed there for 3 more days and then I went back but before that,

I gave her my phone no. So that we can communicate. Also, I asked her to create a Facebook account so that we could talk more, she did exactly what I asked her to do and everything was
going smoothly. We were happy. in love with each other and we wanted nothing more. Just like every new addition couple, we celebrated Valentine’s week, anniversary, and all.

We were in a long-distance relationship yet I don’t know how we managed 5 years together. We had a lot of lights and one-day Vidhi said that I do not love you anymore Rehaan.


A girl to whom I gave my all is saying that she no longer loves me. Well, I tried to convince her but she blocked me from everywhere. At first, I was not so broken, I felt that everything would be all right in some time but after sometimes I started missing her a lot, I tried to call her from my friend’s phone but she immediately cut me off after hearing my voice. I was in pain. So I decided to meet her.

I convinced my parents and I reached my hometown. I knocked on her door. Aditi opened it. she gave me a smile, I smiled back and she said to come to Rehaan. When I asked her about Vidhi. she said that Vidhi had gone out with Kabir. I said who is Kabir? he is Vidhi’s college friend.

I said okay and Aditi said I come in a minute. you ease yourself. When I heard the sound of a bike. I peeked out of the window and I saw her and her friend Kabir. He was holding Vidhi’s hand and she was smiling.


What was that? My eyes became wet. Vidhi was coming inside. so I controlled myself and sat on the couch. She came in and was shocked to see me. Aditi came and treated me with some snacks and tea. I said I won’t take anything. I got some work that l have to go now. Aditi pleaded but I quit saying it’s necessary. I met my old friend Jignesh and I cried a lot to him. He calmed me down and then he asked me about my problems? I told him everything. and he said that eventually, he made it a love triangle.

I felt so good talking to him. After 2 days I went back with a sad and dull face. and I tried to hide it with a smite. but I don’t know what superpower God gave a mother. My mom understood that something was wrong. She asked me what’s the matter??


It is really hard to hide your pain. yet I convinced my mom that everything is good. I’m just tired. I was living but was feeling like leaving. 2 years passed and I did not go back to my hometown. I felt very sad the whole time. Then my cousin was getting married so it was

a compulsion to go back there. I did not want to see Vidhi, but I knew she would also come. I reached there and I saw that everyone was practicing dance and

all. Vidhi was also there. I saw her. She was laughing and dancing with my cousin. Then I saw a girl sitting alone, busy with her phone. very cute. a little angry. I just smiled looking at her. and guess what she was Aditi.
l was meeting with my cousins after such a long time. everyone except Vidhi was very happy to see me. Everyone started practicing again and I went to Aditi. sat near her. We talked a little bit.

I said why are you not dancing. she said that I have no partner so I am just sitting. I said that this is a big issue. My cousin asked me and Aditi to dance with each other. I said okay if she is ready then I will do it. She said okay let’s dance. and then we started dancing. Then I saw that Vidhi was watching us.


Vidhi was looking towards us. and she turned back when I looked back. I don’t know what was going through her mind. I think she was a little jealous and I felt so good to see this. I decided to continue this so I was spending more time with Aditi. There was nothing between me and Aditi. I just wanted

to make Vidhi realize that she had made a big mistake by breaking up with me. The next night
I and Aditi danced so well. I found happiness after a long Long time. It wasn’t just the dance that made me happy I mean the dance was magical but Vidhi was insecure. and that made me happier. I was very tired that night so I slept quickly and carelessly.

The next day when I met Aditi she gave me a lovely smile and I don’t know why but I looked at her and I smiled back. | slapped myself and said that I have to do this foolishness just to envy Vidya and nothing more than that. One thing I have not told you yet. is that Aditi is Vidhi’s younger sister.


We were all playing cards in the afternoon. marriage is incomplete without this game. At the start, Aditi was losing because she was new to the game and she made a sad angry face but she looked cute I still helped her by making contact with her eyes and then finally she won.

She was very happy and seeing her happy I aLso became happy. And then I turned my eyes to Vidhi. she was not so happy. Aditi made me happy. she gave my smile back. Whenever I got work to buy something, I used to take her with me. At dinner time we were all having dinner together. and I made a very silly joke, not even making me laugh, but she laughs and I felt so good. that she is so Innocent.

I don’t know why but I was a little bit attracted to her, and I think she was also attracted to me. After dinner. I was on the terrace and Vidhi came to me and said that stay away from my sister. do not spoil her.


Vidhi said that Aditi is so sensitive and she might fall in love with you. At that time I said okay now
I will keep a distance from her. and I came down.
I could not sleep that night. The next day Aditi said good morning but I ignored her.

Because the wedding was on that night I had a lot of work so
I kept myself busy and also stayed away from Aditi. At night | dressed really well and I went to the buffet area and sat in a chair with my cousins. and then I saw Aditi. she looked so beautiful. My eyes got stuck on her she was coming towards me and she asked me how she is Looking. I said let’s get married.

Everyone started laughing Aditi was blushing and then I saw the sad face of Vidhi. Oh my god, I was really confused between the two sisters. Then everyone started teasing me and Aditi. I walked up from there Aditi came to me but still, I ignored her and went inside the house she followed me we had a Little fight and suddenly we kissed and someone shouted.


Vidhi shouted l and Aditi looked at her. Vidhi grabbed Aditi‘s hand and took her away from me. | calmed me and came out. I tried to talk with her. but she ignored me, I don’t know what Vidhi said to her. I was in love again. and again Vidhi was a villain of my love story. Marriage and everything were done and I came back. Everything was over I said to myself.

This time I was not that sad because I was used to with this situation but deep inside I always kept thinking about her. Her angry & cute face always comes in front of me. After 4 months I got a WhatsApp message. that 2 days later there is a cultural fest in college. would you like to dance with me again? There was no DP so at first l was a bit confused then I replied sorry with a question mark.

She said meet me in the college canteen tomorrow, I immediately called her no. but she didn’t receive it. But how will I recognize you? she didn’t reply. This can be a prank, still, I went to the canteen. and guess what I had seen Aditi. she took admission in the same college. I immediately hugged her. And now we are still together.

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