How to Make Teacher's day special In 2020?

How to Make Teacher’s day special In 2020?

Greetings of the day… Are you missing your school or college? Want to appreciate your teachers for their hard work? But, You Can’t right..!! You must be remembering those golden days of school/college. I remember back then when I was a kid, I used to be so much excited for teacher’s day. We would have fun with our seniors in the classroom rather than boring lectures and after that very delicious food in mess and then to make the day more special the grand reception of our loved teachers in a beautifully decorated hall with flowers and garlands. And as We grew, finally the day came when we would be playing the role of various teachers for one day..and contribute funds for the celebration, cakes, gifts. And then there was a last day of school…most hated day ever..!!!

After schooling I realized that small things matter the most, whether those little celebrations or unwanted scolding..our teachers made us the way we are..!! they have played a very tough part to mold us into a beautiful person .we have lots of memories from scolding to being appreciated. We all love being appreciated. I still remember the day when My science Teacher loved my article on the Topic ‘vermicomposting’… and she made me speak that article loud in front of the whole class, I was at 9th cloud. But then some other day, I would get some serious scolding “what is this behavior Deepika..don’t bite your nails, you haven’t tied proper two ponies..ahha your shoes aren’t polished..where is your homework?..again you are wearing a white dress on Wednesday”. A lot of this nonsense discipline in school, Then in college, and now in my workplace. But now I totally know how important that scolding was…We must show some gratitude to our respected teachers for giving us the knowledge of everything.