Is Love at First Sight Really happen?

Is Love at First Sight Really happen?

I said to my friend that I know a girl who loves a boy…..she (my friend) interrupted and said oooh wow that’s cute who are they? Tell me!! I said yaa love, at first sight, is so pure beautiful magical adorning…..she again interrupted and said wait!! what? Love at first sight??…..oh I thought you were going to tell me a real story about someone around us but you are going to tell me an imaginary story…..Am I right? I said dude you know that I’m not a storyteller, then why I will make you listen to any imaginary story? It’s real. She said it’s disgusting through her expression, said whatever, and left.                    

Imagination or real

love at first sight is an imagination

Do you think that love, at first sight, can only be imagination types of things, bullshit, disgusting, nonrealistic, fake? Some people have given it a new name called “just attraction”.

Most people have such types of views about love at first sight. Till they don’t feel it or they haven’t seen this happening around them. Or till they too find their one from millions. But how that one look or one smile, behavior, or personality can make you fell in love in just a few seconds or minutes?

Love, at first sight, is easy to understand; it’s when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.

-Sam Levenson

First, look

First look at each other

That one looks which give peace, dreams, hope, positive feelings, makes you smile. Just attraction can only last for a few days but if it is love then slowly it changes your viewpoint about many things, changes your behavior or attitude in a good way.

Signs of felling in love at first sight

Signs of falling in love at first sight

So what are the criteria of falling in love at first sight? Oops sorry actually in reality it just happens. Like that sudden change in weather where those irritating sun rays got covered by beautiful clouds, winds start singing and tress will be dancing. And it feels like it’s all just for you.

Moon seems to be big and more beautiful on that day, looks like those stars are emitting any hidden message, you notice that passing on by a road instead of making an ugly face they are giving you a sweet smile.

Love at first sight = Face?

Being the only a bathroom singer you started murmuring with fellow friends while antakshari in class. You started loving other colors other than black white and blue. Suddenly lyrics of those wired songs become relatable.

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Once watching the sky was used to be the most boring thing but now you find clouds are calling you to fly high they are inviting you to have a ride on them and let’s go to see him/her again. Let’s see her/him once more for being more about mad about them.

Your hand touching mine.
this is how galaxies collide.

Sanober Khan

Love at first sight = Face?

Love at first sight = Face?

By the way, is anything like that love, at first, sight, is just all about a beautiful or handsome face? None will fell in love at first sight with those who are not having an attractive face. I don’t think so. Though there is no definite definition of love still, till now whatever I felt, observed, or learned about real love people’s face never played a very curious role at all.

In love at first sight in that one look, you started talking to that unknown eyes which are expression much more than what their words express. Those lips when they smile makes you smile a little more. That feeling like someone is pinching you but still only want to see that view.
When you lost in seeing their inner beauty and suddenly you bump into someone.

Love, at first sight, becomes truly remarkable when people have been looking at each other for years and realize that they love each other all along.

– Anonymous

Everyone has something uncommon choices, liking, disliking and that differentiate qualities of their special ones. Note that every someone is waiting for their someone and one they will meet.

Book Recommendation About Love At First Sight

Book Recommendation About Love At First Sight

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