The incidence happened in the late evening

The incidence happened in the late evening With A Girl

The incidence happened in the late evening

Yes, something happened that night, in which there is nothing like new…

Let me try not to listen to 3rd person and speak in 1st person. You may be able to feel it in a better way.

It’s late-night and I m still up and afraid Alone Girl On a Late Evening

The incidence happened in the late evening

It is very late at night and dark at this time and I am afraid. No, not from ghost, but from the human soul. At this time I am in my home, in my room on my bed.  On one side, my sister is sleeping on the other side of my grandmother and I am afraid. The window in front of my eyes is open and I can see the moon. But that moon felt more dark and silent rather than looking beautiful.

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The result day the incidence happened in the late evening

Result Day Alone Girl On a Late Evening

 In that fear, I remembered that evening, actually, It was late in the evening. On the morning of that day, the result of the 12th board was out and I topped in my city. And my friends got a reason to ask for a party. Yes, I knew this needs to be celebrated, so I quickly agreed and asked to meet at our place in the evening. The coaching center was our hangout place.  I thought I will also meet my teacher at the coaching center. 

The incidence happened in the late evening

Enjoying the evening

Pizza Party

So, I got ready by wearing the same beautiful blue color salwar suit that my mother had gifted me in the morning, as she knew blue is my favorite color. At 4 o’clock, I got out of the house.  First, I met my teacher and then went out to a party with friends. As soon as I saw that it was eight o’clock I asked my friends to go home. Then we all left for our homes.  I was very happy. 

Shortcut to Home The incidence happened in the late evening

It started getting dark, so I thought I would take shortcuts.  I knew that the road is deserted but though it was a matter of one day and anyway it has been delayed a lot, so by thinking this stuff, I decided to take a shortcut. That road goes through the back of my house and there was a turn from the road that went through a small market in front of my house. 


The incidence happened in the late evening

The incidence happened in the late evening
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I had gone a short distance only when I heard the whispering sound of some two to four people from behind.  I used to read new news every day in newspapers, about teasing, rapes, acid attack, and their murder.  All these things started running in mind.  I started walking fast, then they started walking fast, I started walking twice as fast, they started running twice as fast.  My throat started drying up, then I took out a small bottle from my side bag and tried to drink water from it, but the bottle fell from my hand and fell down.

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Running To Home The incidence happened in the late evening

  Then suddenly one of them grabbed my dupatta, I screamed and started running.  While running, I was getting close to the turn that used to go in front of my house.  At that time many thoughts were coming to my mind.  I could see something very bad happening on that straight path, so as soon as I reached that turn, without delay of even a second, I turned.  When I came to that market while running, I felt that no one was following them. I was very afraid but still with a lot of courage, I looked back and found that they had gone.  I then started running away and quickly went home.  The night passed in fear of remembering this and now it is morning.

What do people think? The incidence happened in the late evening

After reading this, many of you would be thinking, “Let’s thank God, that nothing bad has happened to her”.

I would say that if something bad had happened, what would have changed?  Just that the next day some more news would be available for people to read in newspapers.  Four people would come to that girl and say that it is the fault of the girl, why would she not wear the clothes she wore outside in the evening, even if she wore a salwar suit.  Four people would come and say that no matter what happened, forget everything, and do not make a case at all, the family will be disgraced.  If those four people came then they would really want to help, but alas they are only four in number and they are unable to fight with million others.

Questions that are needed to be get answered

The incidence happened in the late evening

Why does this happen and how can we stop it, we know it, yet why are we not able to stop it?

Q: When a boy harasses a girl by calling and messaging her, then his mother cannot stop him?  Q: When a boy makes fun of a girl in class, his mother can’t slap him?  Q: When a boy looks at a girl with dirty eyes, his mother cannot slap him?  Why can’t a mother, sister, friend, girlfriend make them learn to respect other girls?

How much it cost to them? The incidence happened in the late evening

If any boy wants, he gets up and play with the dignity of a girl, got angry, then spoiled her face her whole life, what is it to be a man?  What will go wrong with that girl, she will not get any respect in her house, all friends will leave her alone, she will not be able to remain in the “society”, no one will marry her and what could be worse with the boy  He may have to go to jail where he can take a bail after some struggle from where he can come out for forever and if he gets jailed then there he will just get a place to sleep, eat.

The right time to take action

The incidence happened in the late evening

I will not say much, we are aware of all the things, it is time to make changes and still, the time has not gone from our hands, still, we can make things right.  Next is your wish.


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