I saw her for the first time when I and my friend Arav were going to meet his girlfriend Alisha and she was standing with Alisha. I was driving the car and I stopped the car in front of them. we both saw each other. She was so beautiful, and I fell in love with her, I kept looking at her. But I was disappointed as well because she was Arav’s girlfriend. They both sat at the backside, and I started the car in an indescribable mood.


So as I shifted the gear, I asked their names. Alisha the other girl said, I stopped the car and turned around. who is Alisha?? Then Arav said that she is Alisha my girlfriend and The other one is Rahaani. Suddenly my sadness vaporized, and I lifted my hand by saying hello Ruhaani I am Abeer, she said hello Abeer. and then I turned back with a glowing face. I shifted the mirror in a position so that I can take a glimpse of her while driving. After I O km I asked Arav to shift at the back to sit with her girlfriend Alisha, they all agreed and I became so happy. We talked a Lil. After half n hour of drive, we reached the waterfall it was huge, everybody loved it. And here comes the twist, I saw a boy, Ruhaani and that boy hugged each other.


My heart got scattered. It was like God is playing with my feelings. All
the happiness drained away. Then she introduced us to him, his name was Prithvi. I said hello by shaking my hand. All of us went near to the waterfall, we took loads of photos and selfies. We laughed and enjoyed it, but my happiness was lifeless. I was jealous, then we went downside of the waterfall. everybody was loving the view. After that, we came back to the city We dropped both the girl’s home and then Arav asked what happened, bro?? I said nothing, I’m just tired. you can not hide your feelings, it is clear on your face that you like Ruhaani. Yes, I like her, but She is in a relationship. He laughed and said that she is not. I asked him what? what did you just say?? He said that Prithvi is not her boyfriend, he is just a friend of him.


Arav gave me a piece of good news but I was not happy because again a new
twist will come and again my happiness will fade away. I dropped Arav home and then I reached my home, all the time I thought about her. It was like she hacked my mind and my heart as well. Then I searched her on Instagram and I started following her, and I waited for her to follow me back. After 10-15 minutes she followed me back, but those 10 minutes felt like 10 hours, actually 10 years. And then we started talking we chatted a lot, and our talk was like a river, which never stops. I asked her about Prithvi, and she said that he is just a friend. suddenly my smile got a new life. she asked me about my girlfriend, and I said I am single. I asked the same question, and she said that she is heartbroken, and she will never trust anyone again.


I asked about her past, but she said forget it, I don’t wanna discuss it anymore. Then I ended the conversation by saying that he was just a
passing cloud, so forget about him and live your life with a happy smile. She agreed with my words. so it was another shock for me, she doesn’t want any Other boyfriend type scene. And she sounds very serious about it. I decided that I will prove to her that my love is true. I was so nice to her all the time, and I came to know that she also likes me a little. In 2 weeks, our friendship reached to another level. She said that I am a good human. My heart was in a hurry, but my brain said don’t go very fast take small Steps. This time I agreed with what my brain said to me. one day we both went to watch a movie, A typical love story, but I was enjoying the movie because the situation was quite similar. After 2-3 days I decided to confess everything to her. Finally, I said everything to her.


so I told Her everything in a very romantic manner. I looked into her eyes and said Ruhaani I don’t know why but in these few days of our talk and walk you became really important to me, whenever I look at you I feel love, I feel a connection, I feel care, and this feeling is very genuine. Everyone is heartbroken, but still, they give life another chance, so please give life another chance and give me my first, so that I can wipe out all your bad memories. She kept looking at me and then she said my name “Abeer” and again she shouted Abeer and then I woke up. I woke up from my dream, but it was not her, it was my mom who wakes me up. I smiled, my mom teased me by saying who was she? I said sorry?? Your dream girl, she replied. I said are you mad, no girl comes in my dream. 0k 0k “beta” go brush your teeth and
have breakfast. I said okay mom.


Then I decided that today I’ve to confess everything. I dialed her no. and told her to meet in the evening. She said okay Abeer. I dressed well and went out from the home to meet her, I reach to the restaurant, waiting for her, she was late so I dialed her to ask where is she?? And immediately I saw her entering to the restaurant. My eager face converted into a happy face. I stood up and just like a gentleman I pulled a chair for her, she sat down and said thank you so much, and then I also sat. I complimented her that she is looking very beautiful. She said thank you and you are looking handsome too. I smiled and then I asked her to order something…While the food was preparing I thought to tell her about my feelings. I chatted a little, then I asked her hand to keep on mine, she did the same. Then I confess the same words that I had seen in my dream.


I was very sad, then I called Arav and I told him everything. He said Don’t worry buddy everything will be all right, she is broken inside, I said, but she is not even telling me about her past. Arav said I will ask Alisha about it and immediately he dialed her. She said its a bitter story, Meet me tomorrow I’ll explain all Of this. So we 3 met in a cafe, and then Alisha told me everything. She said it was one year back when Ruhaani’s family went for a marriage function, and there was a guy called Yash who made a very good image in front Of her parents and he was really sweet to Ruhaani. Ruhaani fell in love with him, by seeing his behavior and sweetness. And then in a month of meet and greet, he proposed Ruhaani, she accepted Yash’s proposal. They both started dating each other. After a few months, he asked Ruhaanis parents for the marriage and they were really happy that they immediately agreed to him. but after few weeks Yash broke up with her and went away from her. nobody knows about him. After listening to the entire story I got a call and guess what It was Ruhaani who called me.


I received her call in one go, and she said Abeer, with a sad voice. I said what happened? And she started crying. I asked is everything all right? She said no everything is not right everything is ruined, my family is in trouble and my parents are out of town. She asked me to come to her home. she sounds really scared, so I said I’ll be there in 10 minutes. I reached there. Her neighbors were knowing that she is alone so I jumped the boundary of her home, without creating any noise. and I saw her eyes full of tears, she hugged me. I said relax don’t worry I’m with you. She said I love you Abeer I love you so much. I was not sure whether to be happy or to be sad, but I hugged her more tightly, then we kissed each other and we had a moment together. The best night of my life. Then we slept by hugging each Other.


In the morning I returned home, but as I was in a hurry I forgot to ask her parent’s problem. I reached home and then she called me and said don’t call me today and don’t come to my house as well because my cousin sister is coming so we can not meet today, I said okay and she said bye…call disconnected. Again I didn’t ask about her problems. I dropped a message on her WhatsApp, no double tick nothing…then I texted her and still, I did not get any reply. Maybe she is busy, I convinced myself. The next day I went out of town to attend a function I tried calling her but her phone was off. I came back to town after 3 days. As I was worried I went to her home and I saw a lock was hanging on the door.


I asked the neighbor by his dad’s name, and he said that 2 days ago a boy had come, from which his daughter was going to get married, he started throwing away their household items and said that evacuate my house by evening. This was a big shock for me. But why I asked Because they had no son, he had his house and property named after his son-in-law, and now he is taking possession of their properties. I asked the neighbors where they went but they did not even know. I called Arav and I told him this, he also got shocked. I tried to reach her through Instagram WhatsApp Facebook even I tried calling her parents but my all efforts were useless.



I packed my bag and called my friend Prithvi to drop me to the railway station. He dropped me before the time and then I said I’ll manage from here you go home, and he said just take care of yourself and I’m just a call away, sure, Bye!! I was going towards the ticket counter and I saw him, my heart started beating fast, he was standing at the ticket counter. I turned around and I started moving opposite Of him. But suddenly someone caught my hand from behind,l closed my eyes and I turned around, I opened my eyes by pleasing God, but God was not with me and it was Abeer. He was looking at me full of pain. He said why Ruhaani?? A question that made me cry…


He wiped my tears and took me out of the station and I was quiet. He said let’s go somewhere else and talk so then we went to a restaurant and we sat there. He gave me a glass full of water, I drank it, And then He asked why you did this? and I was like what to say now. He said take your time, I am not going anywhere until you explain everything. For a while we were silent and then I broke the silence, why did you find me Abeer? What did you think Ruhaani? here you are the only one who has a brain? Everything was a lie. Why you did all this drama of Yash and all?


I have not lied to you Abeer. Still, you are lying Ruhaani please Stop this and tell me the truth, where are you going? If you don’t want me then say it on my face why are you hiding from me.l’m not hiding and I wanted to meet you I wanted to tell you everything but you went away from me I was alone.. and that night you got everything that you wanted, I said. Who told you this Ruhaani? don’t you trust me? Abeer said. I trust you that’s why I called you that night and after that, you ran away. I didn’t Ruhaani I went out for a function and it was really important, otherwise, I won’t have gone there. And who told you this. Alisha said that you don’t want to meet me anymore, I said with tears, and he again wiped my tears.

Alisha??? What is the truth behind her?


Alishaa..this became a big question right. after a huge blaming game we made a plan and Abeer called Alisha to ask her to meet him, she agreed. Then we called Arav as well. by the time I asked him how did he find me? and he said I did every possible thing to find you but you became like a rainbow, that comes after rain, gives happiness and then disappear. I cried, tried calling your parents but all was useless then I was going back to my home and someone called my name I turned back and I saw Prithvi, he acts as a candle in the dark. I told him everything I cried he said I don’t know anything but if I get to know about her I will inform you. 0k thank you so much and then I came home. The next day he called me and said that Ruhaani is coming here and asked for my help so you can meet her now and then I planned this. Alisha was coming so I sat on another table.


Alisha entered and sat next to Abeer and said Say what happened Abeer by keeping her hand on Abeer’s hand and then I came in front of Alisha, she got scared, it was clear on her face. She took her hand back. Ruhaani where were you? she asked. I already told you that day what Yash has done to me and my family and I told you to inform this to Abeer because I could not call him but you lied, you lied that Abeer doesn’t want to talk to me, he just wanted to sleep with me and nothing else, right? But he is here in front of us. Just look at his eyes it is full of pain. why Alisha? Why you did this with us? Because I love him. Yes, I do Abeer. I love You. Alisha said.

Arav just entered there


Arav just entered, and he heard everything that Alisha said, but I
was confused because he was Okay With it. And then Alisha told us
that last night they broke up. What the fuck was that? I said but
why? Arav said that she doesn’t want me anymore, and Alisha told me
that she feels for Abeer not for me anymore and last night we decided
to end this relationship and start a new life. Then I and Abeer made it
clear that we love each other and we don’t want any interruptions
please stay away from us, and let us live together. Just like Arav
respected Alisha’s decision, Alisha did the same for us, she said
sorry to us for what she did till now and wishes us for a happy life.



After all, this happened, Alisha started crying and she walked out, Aarav called her but she ignored him. Aarav said that Abeer you should talk to her, she will only listen to you. Then Abeer ran after her, and he tried to convince her, but Alisha was angry, so she ignored him and she was crossing the road, without seeing anything, a truck was coming, Abeer saw this and ran towards her and he pushed her. I ran out, a lot of people gathered there, I tried to go there, I pushed everyone and I saw him…My Abeer has left me….| cried, I cried a lot and this time he was not there to wipe my tears…

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