Why breakup hurts soo much?

Before talking about why breakup hurts its necessary to know why we actually breakup. Why? Most of the people blame respective situations or there partners instead of finding the real reason. Only few people finds the reason and accept it.

Because we are not happy or it doesn’t feel anymore any future of that relationship. Yes this is absolutely true but they are secondary reason.The primary reason of breakups is that we are not able to find it peaceful any more.We find it more disturbing day by day for all three, mind, heart and soul.

Before going into a relationship we reflect ourselves through thoughts, pont of view, emotions. But ended up finding that we are just pretending to be real. Feelings emotions are not beautiful any more they are like baggages. With whom people went into a relationship get changed and so on they also change themselves according to their partners and eventually they can’t find that feeling of permanency, feeling of meant for each other and they broke up.

Before going further i want to make it clear that here am not talking about just relationship between a boy and a girl, girlfriend and boyfriend. Relationships can be of many kinds and between any two people, like friends, best friend, brother sister, your family members or your partner

We always search for a happy ending either it’s our story or someone’s else. But after breakup while memorising those beautiful gone moments we smile start blushing because of those cute memories but when that story comes to end it sucks because of its unexpected and hurtful end.

We particularly don’t miss that person we miss those memories which are with them.

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