You Glow Differently When You Are Actually Happy

You glow differently when you are actually happy

“You glow differently when you are actually happy” you have probably heard these uncountable times…!! right..??

so is happiness that important? how happiness affects us or I must say, what affects happiness ? from where it comes?

Yes obviously, happiness is an important part of life as it affects us emotionally.many of us don’t know the meaning of true happiness, some people think happiness is all about money while money can’t buy happiness.

Umm yeah… to some extent it plays a vital role because very few times it can limit your dreams and financial worries can be stressing but still, some things can’t be bought by money and happiness is one of those things because what matters most is your happiness, satisfaction and inner peace what can be achieved with lesser money or no money at all.

Greetings from Deepika, how you doing??
I hope you all are taking this time to make your soul happy. In this article, I’ll share my thoughts about what is happiness and how to achieve happiness as well as tips to enjoy it fully.

“Happiness is getting 9 hours of perfect sleep”

For me true happiness is nothing but a blended state of mind when you are simply yourself with pleasant emotions, a bucket full of joy, feeling of win-win and satisfaction which brings a smile(laugh maybe😂) and inflow of positive energy whereas for others it can be success, money, well being, loving someone and something and this never-ending list goes on and on.

So basically it depends on person to person ( ourselves) but the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction is the same for all. For me “you look happier” is the best compliment I can receive. when you are happy it reflects on your face deep in your eyes you really glow differently and everything seems to be fine you enjoy everything. it’s like dancing in joy, under glittery sky ….

“The ultimate source of happiness is not money and power, but warm-heartedness”
~Dalai Lama

Happiness is not ready-made but it can be homemade. there are various theories of researchers about formulas and chemicals which cause happiness. I’m not going into that( as I’m not that intelligent🙈 ) I’ll just talk about our day to day cause of happiness how we can enjoy things and moments to the fullest.

When days are not good enough or tiring but you decide to enjoy It, that’s Happiness. when you didn’t get what you wanted but you are satisfied with what you have, it is Happiness. If I sum up everything you will come to know that happiness comes from within you it’s just a “choice” and It’s you who chooses to be happy.
stop trying to calm the storm,
Instead, calm yourself,the storm will pass

Happiness is a habit..what you can develop more and more by smiling more and more.

Tips to enjoy Happiness to the fullest.

It can be simply your daily task like subject to study, and pending works to do before dead line, eating veggies or function planning or anything.. just note it down in a sheet of paper and promise one thing after completion of every single task you will smile and it’s a thumb rule. By noting tasks you can check the status of your work,which can be beneficial.

There are amazing skills you may have.. if you can’t think of anything then go to your childhood and remember what you loved doing..and tada you got your answer..!! make time for doing things what gives you refreshing feeling.

Whether it’s favorite music, movie, dish, book, or places whatever makes you happy make a title wise list, and whenever you feel low just go to your favorite list..!! it can be your happy place.

There are always two ways to see the things, if you are really stuck in between problems..then try seeing brighter side. And you never know it may become a happy memory..!!try following one rule, if something is disturbing you..there can be two possibilities first one you can do something to make it right that’s well and good , but the second possibility when you can’t do anything no matter how hard you try…then just let it be..!! there is no point of stressing at all. i know kinda tough but try doing this.

No no I’m not talking about foreign countries and beautiful destinations. I’m talking about places which brings happy memory where you have spent some beautiful time..just go and relive that memory. we can’t be with our favorite person all the time,but we can keep happy memories with us all the time.

Again make a list of dreams or goals, imagine your future life what you want and work for it..!!it’s not necessary to set a long term can plan some short term plans to achieve the long term plan and track your me it is so much satisfying.

Have you ever tried smiling to strangers?? Haha it’s really funny.. must try have nothing to do just give smiles no matter who the person is..and I promise it will give you immense pleasure.

At last most important tip is “fall in love with yourself ” and
practice self-care and live your best life.🌸


Remember happiness has n number of ways to reach you…and it’s up to you whether you want that or not.

So are you going to be happier?
Good luck

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